Go Behind the Scene and See Who We Really Are

Everything Starts with a Little Seed of Desire to Help

12 years ago, the founder of Britec Engineering Sdn Bhd would not have thought he could go this far. With the small idea but a big heart to counter the slowly failing security, Marvin Lee (CEO) decided to go the distant.

Today, he is providing effective consultations to numerous industries and quality solutions to meeting needs and requirements.

Britec Engineering Sdn Bhd started as a Electronic Security Solutions Provider specialised in customising security plans based on customer demand. Over the years, it has developed and evolved into an expert in the integration of security with information technology.

This world is becoming closely linked and we are here to pull the strings to making better connection. With over a decade of uncompromised dedication and strict quality control, Britec Engineering Sdn Bhd is widely recognised as one of the most trustworthy CCTV Specialist in Malaysia.

            We have got the most demanding big corporates happily served, housing projects, chain stores and high-rise properties well covered and connected, businesses information technology properly applied and utilised, as well as being the hand full of IT solutionists who can and willing to take up complicated and unique cases.

            Want to know more about us or wondering where to find the right solution provider? Call us now!